Alan Melville was a playwright, revue author and lyricist. He wrote no radio plays but some of his stage plays were adapted for radio.

He was a prolific contributor to West End revues which dominated the lighter side of West End theatre. He wrote gentle satire which poked mischievous fun at the middle classes. He also wrote lyrics for Arthur Askey in the musical "Bet Your Life" and collaborated with Ivor Novello on his last show "Gay's the Word".

He died in 1983.

Radio PlaysEdit

1966 Dear Charles

1967 The Minister's Mallard

1968 Events at Black Tor

1974 Jonathan

1975 Balance of Power

1976 At Your Service

1977 Lovely Morning This Evening

1978 The Knocker

1981 A Lovesome Thing

1982 Blythe Thou Never Wert

1983 Change of View

1983 Don't Come Into the Garden

1983 Normal Service

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