Amazing Grace is a radio serial by Michelle Lipton. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in June 2010, as a five, 15-minute installments of Woman's Hour Drama[1].

The play won the Richard Imison Memorial Award in 2012.


Inspired by a true story.

When Grace's Sudanese village is attacked, she scoops up her four young children and they flee, running for their lives. Safety is within reach, and a truck full of displaced villagers lets her on board. She loads her two daughters on to the truck and turns to lift the boys up - but they aren't there. And the truck must go. Grace must make any parent's most feared decision. A choice that is no choice - to save the children she has with her or abandon them to look for the two who are left behind.

This is the story of Grace - now living in the UK - and her battle to find and bring back her missing children.


A Red production for BBC Radio 4.

Critical ReceptionEdit

"subtly directed by Justine threw a brilliant and humbling light on the cultural gap between how family is defined in Africa compared to the developed world." - Moira Petty, The Stage[2]

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  1. Radiolistings
  2. The Stage

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