Animal SHow is a radio series by Katie Hims and Lucy Baldwyn. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2005 as part of the Woman's Hour Drama [1].


Five stories exploring the way humans relate to animals.


Episode Number Title Author Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Mouse" Katie Hims 11 July 2005 Mouse's boyfriend gave her the name Mouse. She left him, and now she lives in a nasty bedsit with a real mouse.
02 "Lizard" Katie Hims 12 July 2005 There's a bloke who comes into June's cafe who obviously fancies her, but she thinks he looks like a lizard.
03 "Elephant" Lucy Baldwyn 13 July 2005 There's something wrong between Rachel and Dhiraj, but just like the elephant in the room, no-one's talking about it.
04 "Blackbird" Lucy Baldwyn 14 July 2005 Alison's parents are splitting up, no-one's telling her anything and she's trying to make sense of it.
05 "Dog" Katie Hims 15 July 2005 Danny has to write a story for school. He decides to write about the old man with the dog he sees on the bus.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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