Barry M. Putt, Jr. writes for radio, stage, screen, and television. He has created audio-drama adaptations of stories by Robert Lewis Stevenson, Philip K. Dick, Charles Dickens, W. Somerset Maugham, H. Beam Piper, Shakespeare, Jules Verne, and others. 

Career in Radio: Edit

Barry M. Putt, Jr.'s first audio drama The Reign of Leaves was produced by Shoestring Radio Theatre in 2004. In 2011, He became a staff writer for KSVR's audio-drama series "Radio Theater Project." The series features audio-drama adaptations of short stories and novels. His adaptation for them of Philip K. Dick's Beyond the Door was featured at the Hear Now Audio Drama Festival in 2015. 

In 2014, he started writing audio-drama adaptations of classic literature for Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air! Titles in production include: The Holly Tree Inn, The Wreck of the Golden Mary, Swiss Family Robinson, and The Mysterious island. That same year his original audio-drama The Porch was produced by WMNF's Radio Theatre Project Live! in St. Petersberg, Florida.

In 2017, Barry M. Putt, Jr.'s original audio-dramas Tollbooth Talk and It's Only Logical were produced by Pendant Audio as part of their award-winning "Seminar Series." DTC Radio also released an original audio-drama by Mr. Putt entitled Statusquovia.

In 2018, Baicizhan, Chaoyouai Technology Co. of Chengdu, China hired Barry M. Putt, Jr. to write audio-drama adaptations of classic literature. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was the first title he adapted for them. Baicizhan uses audio-drama adaptations to help Chinese students learn the English language. That same year, the Petaluma Radio Players produced his holiday-themed audio-drama A Home for Christmas.

Radio Plays: Edit

Barry M. Putt, Jr.'s audio-drama adaptations include: 


  1. Beyond the Door
  2. A Big To-Do About Nothing
  3. The Body Snatchers
  4. Code Three
  5. The Council of Justice
  6. The Crystal Crypt
  7. The Day that Time Stopped Moving
  8. Edge of the Knife
  9. Expedition on Mars
  10. Filbert is Also a Nut
  11. The Four Just Men
  12. The Gift
  13. The Girl and the Habit
  14. The Green Door
  15. The Hate Disease
  16. Holly Tree Inn
  17. Make Mine Homogenized
  18. Mysterious Island
  19. Rain
  20. Ransom
  21. Reform
  22. The Riddle
  23. The Skull
  24. Sonny
  25. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  26. Swiss Family Robinson
  27. Thirst Quenchers
  28. Where I Belong
  29. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  30. Wreck of the Golden Mary


1. The Liberty Boys of '76

Episode 1: Fighting for Freedom 
Episode 2: Settling With the British and Tories 
Episode 3: Helping General Washington 
Episode 4: Always in the Right Place 
Episode 5: Not Afraid of the King's Minions 
Episode 6: "Catch and Hang Us if You Can" 

2. Richard Wade, US Marshal

Episode 1: A Close Call in Custer's Canyon
Episode 2: A Showdown in Canyon City
Episode 3: A Hornet From Hackensack
Episode 4: On A Baffling Trail
Episode 5: Claim Jumpers and Gunmen
Episode 6: In the Oil Fields

Original Radio Series: Edit

Barry M. Putt, Jr. has several audio-drama series in development including:

THE CREAKING DOOR - a light-hearted comedy-mystery series that centers around a small, eclectic group of friends who purchase an old mansion complete with trap doors, hidden chutes, ghosts, and lots of unsolved mysteries that need solving.

THE CRIMSON CASTLE - a true-crime, suspense series set in the late 1880's about a real-life American Jekyll and Hyde.

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