Beaumarchais is a six-part radio serial by Craig Warner (30 minute episodes). It was first broadcast in 1996 on BBC Radio 4[1].

Diversity lists this serial as "lost."


  1. "Noblesse Oblige" - 7 November 1996
  2. "Cause Celebre" - 14 November 1996
  3. "Femme Fatale" - 21 November 1996
  4. "Hors de Combat" - 28 November 1996
  5. "Droit d'Auteur" - 5 December 1996
  6. "Le Mot Juste" - 12 December 1996



Critical ReceptionEdit

"France in the 18th century was home to Beaumarchais (R4), the sublimely witty playwright to whom we owe the plots of the Figaro operas. In the first episode of Craig Warner's ebullient drama, the boisterous bachelor watchminder became a widowed, titled, impoverished court favourite. He seemed untroubled about hair-loss. I wonder, would Jimmy Young consider sporting a full-bottomed wig?" - Sue Gaisford, The Independent[2]


  2. The Independent

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