Connecting is a radio series exploring the impact of communications on peoples' lives. Consisting of four plays, it was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2006. The first play was an installment of the Friday Play and the next three were installments of the Afternoon Play.


Episode Number Title Author Broadcast Date Summary
01 "The World in My Ear" Paul Farley 06 May 2006 Fiddling with his MP3 player and not looking where he was going, a man in his 40s has fallen down the stairs of Oxford Street Underground Station in central London. He seems to have died and gone to some sort of radio heaven where the sound history of the world is kept, or at least will be as long as the analogue transmitters are switched on.
02 "Call Waiting" Katie Hims 09 May 2006 Carol is worried. Her husband Phil has been sent to Uzbekistan by his company - a communications technology firm based in Reading - and she can't get in touch with him. What has happened to him? What exactly is the nature of the job he's doing in Uzbekistan, and how much does his company know about his disappearance? Is the government representative telling her the truth? When Carol does finally hear from Phil, in a text message, all it says is 'Help me'. As Carol desperately tries to find answers, it seems that instant communication across the world is simply a cruel illusion.
03 "Last Call" Mike Walker 10 May 2006 Sara is head of PR, in line for a directorship if she can prove herself with the company's plans to expand in Africa.

But first she's got to handle a problem with the firm's contract in Uzbekistan. Sara begins to suspect the company could be involved in some sinister ways of using its technological know-how. She has to decide where her loyalties lie.

04 "Network Failure" Sarah Woods 11 May 2006 Ian is on his first trip to Africa, his work in IT is sending him as a trainer to a media-centre in a village outside Maputo in Mozambique. He is keen to help, but not really prepared for what he finds.

Critical ReceptionEdit


  1. Radiolistings

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