Craig Warner (b.1964-) is an American-born playwright and screenwriter based in Suffolk, England.

Born in Hollywood, California in 1964, Warner moved to New York City in 1985 and then to London in 1987[1].

Work in RadioEdit

Warner's first play for radio was Great Men of Music in 1988, which also featured in BBC Radio 4's Young Playwright's Festival. He has won two Giles Cooper Awards - for By Where The Old Shed Used To Be in 1989 and Figure With Meat in 1991. At age 24, he was the youngest such recipient.

Anton Lesser read Warner's translation of the Guy de Maupassant's "The Baptism" on BBC Radio 3, and Ian Holm read "The Devil", also a translation of Maupassant, for a series on BBC Radio 4.

Also a composer, Warner wrote and composed a radio musical in 1997 entitled Agonies Awakening. His most recent work is Tosca's Kiss, inspired by the Puccini opera.

Radio PlaysEdit

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