Diamonds is a trilogy of radio plays by John Peacock, following the progress of a flawed light Cape diamond and the fortunes of the Hallam family over the course of 120 years. Broadcast on BBC Radio in 1997[1][2].

Part One - Stars of the Orange RiverEdit

First broadcast 19 May 1997.

South Africa 1871. A diamond is discovered and a terrible error made.


Directed by David Hunter

Part Two - The Diamond JoustsEdit

First broadcast on 26 May 1997.

London and Monte Carlo, 1925. The diamond is now in a necklace presented by gambling ne'er-do-well Julius Hallam to his bride.


Directed by David Hunter

Part Three - Diamond Cut DiamondEdit

First broadcast 02 June 1997.

Notting Hill 1991: the diamond is now the only part of the Hallam fortune left to Alice in her crumbling and condemned bedsit. But it was hidden by her mother before she died, and Alice is not the only one looking for it.


Directed by David Hunter

Critical ReceptionEdit


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