Dona Flor22
Dona Flor and her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado
Dramatized by Stuart Morris
Directed by David Hunter
BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial 1999
Broadcast in 3 x 1hr episodes
Episode 1 - 10.01.1999
Episode 2 - 17.01.1999
Episode 3 - 24.01.1999


Three part adaptation of Jorge Amado's 1966 Brazilian novel of a woman's unlikely path to happiness.
Caught up in the pandemonium of carnival, the roguish and irresponsible Vadinho dos Guimaraes dies
during a parade, leaving behind his long suffering wife, the irrepressible Dona Flor. As a widow,
Flor devotes herself to her cooking school and an assortment of interfering but well-meaning friends
who urge her to remarry. The lonely widow finds herself attracted to Dr. Teodoro Madureria, a kind,
considerate pharmacist, who is everything the reckless Vadinho was not. Yet after their marriage,
though content, Flor longs for her first husband's amorous, and exhausting, sensual pleasures. And
Flor's desirous longing is so powerful that it brings the ghost of Vadinho back from the grave--right
into her bed.

Episode 1: `No Wake without Rum'. 10/01/1999
In Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Dona Flor, the youthful and sensuous proprietor of a cooking school,
is wooed by the disreputable but utterly charming Vadinho.

Episode 2: Lips that Kiss. 17/01/1999
In Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, seven years of tempestuous but passionate marriage to the disolute
Vadinho have left the young widow Dona Flor aching with loss and desire.

Episode 3: `Second Coming'. 24/01/1999
In Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, the young widow Dona Flor has married the respectable, bassoon-
playing pharmacist, Dr Teodoro. But she is not allowed to forget the dissolute Vadinho, her first husband.

The CastEdit

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