Dracula: The Audio Drama is a dramatized version of Bram Stoker's novel, utilizing a full voice cast, sound effects, and musical score. It is now available here:

Its companion and original soundtrack, "Of Blood and Bloom," will be released in Q4 2015.

Adapted for audio & directed by Lawrence Burgess.  Assistant direction by Adam Stover.  Produced by Adam Stover and Jason Riffle.  Executive production by Michael Campbell.  Original score by Greg Hunt & the Fox Burrow.


  • Ethan Lyvers- Jonathan Harker, Additional Voices
  • Joshua Drew- Dr. John Seward, Asylum Inmates
  • Andrea Parkins- Wilhelmina Harker, Additional Voices
  • John Johnson- Abraham Van Helsing, Mr. Swales, Corcoran Deputy, Additional Voices
  • Megan Jett- Lucy Westenra, Russian Passenger
  • Lawrence Burgess- R.M. Renfield, Dracula, Captain Donelson, Additional Voices
  • Andy Walker- Lord Arthur Holmwood, Daily Graph Correspondent, Sam Bloxam, Additional Voices
  • Brent Kessinger- Quincey P. Morris, Dr. Vincent
  • Loren Allen- Dr. Patrick Hennessy, Samuel F. Billington, Mitchell Agent
  • Brent Batten- Captain of the Demeter
  • Trudy Oliver- Sister Agatha 
  • Kennie Bass- Mr. Marquand, Coastguard, Mitchell Agent
  • Aubre Roberts- First Sister, Anguished Mother
  • Cassandra Phelps- Second Sister
  • Elaine Abdalla- Third Sister
  • Dave Tackett- Thomas Snelling, Hungarian Passenger
  • Caroline Rainey- Mrs. Westenra
  • Sean McCracken- Carter-Paterson Solicitor
  • Erin Murphy- Golden Krone Innkeeper
  • Scott Spencer- Coach Driver
  • Zach Kuhn- Hungarian Passenger
  • Adam Stover- Additional Voices

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