Feedback: A Hero's Calling is an audio drama based on the winning character of the first season of TV's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? It stars Feedback himself, Matthew Atherton, and his real-life wife Sarah Blevins and often features other heroes from the TV show. The show involves him and his Tech Support team of heroes taking on his arch-enemy Deathmatch and other villains. The first episode was produced by Darker Projects before the series moved to Brokensea Audio Productions. The series also produced a spin-off, Beta Flight, that follows a group of Tech Support members on their own missions.



Season 1Edit

  1. Never in a Thousand Years
  2. Second Skin
  3. A Friend in Deed
  4. Next Great Super Hero
  5. Double Take
  6. What Was Lost
  7. Cover of Darkness, Part 1
  8. Cover of Darkness, Part 2

Season 2Edit

  1. The Specialist, Part 1
  2. The Specialist, Part 2
  3. Eyes on the Sparrow, Part 1
  4. Eyes on the Sparrow, Part 2
  5. Eyes on the Sparrow, Part 3
  6. Daddy's Little Girl, Part 1
  7. Daddy's Little Girl, Part 2
  8. A Work in Progress, Part 1
  9. A Work in Progress, Part 2
  10. A Work in Progress, Part 3
  11. A Work in Progress, Part 4

External LinksEdit

Official Feedback page at Brokensea

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