Five Wedding Dresses is a radio series first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2009, as installments of Woman's Hour Drama.

Written by Katie Hims, each play focuses on brides dressing for their weddings, and the symbolism and significance of the dress itself.


Episode Number Title Author Broadcast Date Summary
01 True Love Katie Hims 17 August 2009 Maggie's dress is so beautiful she can't bear to take it off.
02 The Rescue Katie Hims 18 August 2009 Lauren resorts to drastic measures to stop her sister getting married.
03 The Scarecrow Katie Hims 19 August 2009 Carla suddenly finds herself the object of attention for all the village men.
04 Janey's Big Day Katie Hims 20 August 2009 Janey is unprepared for quite how involved her mother is in her wedding plans.
05 The Perfect Dress Katie Hims 20 August 2009 Nell loves the stories behind the second-hand wedding dresses she sells, until Julia tells her story.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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