Memorial to WS Gilbert v4

Memorial to W. S. Gilbert on Victoria Embankment

Gilbert Without Sullivan - Series 1 by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Sue Wilson
BBC Radio 4
This series was used as one-off fillers when needed

Dramatizations from the stories of WS Gilbert.


Episode 1 - 25.12.2002 - The Finger Of Fate - Foggerty is a confirmed bachelor in search of peace and quiet. Fate, however, has other plans for him in the shape of Dolly Fortescue.

Episode 2 - 14.05.2003 - An Elixir Of Love - When the Reverend Stanley Gay uses a secret potion to impose his strong views of marriage on his flock, the results are unexpected.

Episode 3 - 21.05.2003 - The Burglar's Story - Theodore's education is worth any sacrifice by his parents, petty crooks, the Belvawneys. But his chosen career is cut abruptly short by a series of incidents even they could not have envisaged.

Episode 4 - 28.05.2003 - Wide Awake - Unworldly Harold Symperson, boasts of his fortune until he falls victim to his relatives' clever plot to engage him to his spinster cousin.

Episode 5 - 04.06.2003 - Mr Foster's Good Fairy - Confectioner, Cyril Foster finds himself haunted by his past, until a fairy steps off one of his cakes and offers him an escape.

Critical receptionEdit


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