Gilbert Without Sullivan - Series 2 by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Jenny Stephens
BBC Radio 4
This series was used as one-off fillers when needed

Dramatizations from the stories of WS Gilbert.


Episode 1 - 15.12.2004 - The Wedding March - It's Woodpecker Tapping's wedding day. Everything that could go wrong does.

Episode 2 - 22.12.2004 - A Sensation Novel - Ebeneezer Fudge, writer of melodramatic sensation novels, is disturbed when his characters start coming to life and criticising his preposterous plots.

Episode 3 - 29.12.2004 - A Colossal Idea - On holiday with his wife in Margate, Mr Yellowboy claims to be preparing the 123rd edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.But his activities are not that innocent.

Episode 4 - 05.01.2005 - Tom Cobb, Or Fortune's Toy -Tom Cobb is engaged to Matilda O'Fipp, but the course of true love never runs smooth.

Episode 5 - 12.01.2005 - The Realm Of Joy - A West End play is causing such scandal that respectable Victorian theatregoers can't keep away.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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