by Euripides
Translated by Don Taylor
Adapted and Directed by Ellen Dryden
Music by Derek Bourjeois
A First Writes production
BBC Radio 3 - Drama on 3 - 27.02.2011


Tragi-comedy. The Trojan War is over and the Greek forces are making their way home.
Meanwhile, in Egypt, Helen of Troy is protesting to anyone who will listen that she is innocent, she never went to Troy, and the whole war was fought under false pretenses.
When her husband is Menelaus is shipwrecked on the shore where Helen has been taking sanctuary, she not only has a lot of explaining to do, but also has an escape plan.
A story of a war in the Middle East fought over dubious claims which perhaps has comtemporary resonance.


Critical ReceptionEdit


Radio Times 26.02/04.03.2011

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