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Hemlock and After by Angus Wlson
Dramatized by Michelene Wandor
Directed by Chris Wallace
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial
Episode 1 - 08/11/1998
Episode 2 - 15/11/1998
Length 2 x 60mins

Angus Wilson's 1952 novel dramatized in two parts.


Bernard Sands, “Grand Old Man of Letters”, is, at the start of the novel, enjoying his triumph over Civil Service bureaucracy: he has finally managed to establish a home for young writers at a nearby stately home, Vardon Hall. Although jubilant at this victory, all is not well at the Sands home: Ella, Bernard's wife, has long suffered from an isolating depression, daughter Elizabeth cynically uses her mindless job at a woman's magazine to conceal her sense of emptiness, Sands's son, James, is a right wing, social-climbing Tory candidate. Bernard himself is struggling to negotiate the demands of his lately discovered homosexuality.
Episode 1 - Bernard's triumph at setting up a writers' centre is soon clouded by difficulties in his personal life. Episode 2 - Bernard's heart attack causes a reevaluation of his life which has interesting consequences at the grand opening.


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