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Henry's Demons is a radio play by Patrick Cockburn and Henry Cockburn, based on the authors' memoir of their experiences dealing with Henry's contraction of schizophrenia. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 26 September 2011, as an installment of the Afternoon Play[1]. Actor Tom Riley was nominated for the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Awards in the category of Best Actor for his performance as Henry.


While working in Afghanistan, journalist Patrick Cockburn learned from his wife that Henry, their son had been admitted to a hospital mental ward. Thus begins Henry, Patrick and wife Janet Montefiore's extraordinary account of Henry's rapid descent into mental illness.


  • Raps and song by Henry Cockburn
  • Produced by Karen Rose, A Sweet Talk Production for BBC Radio 4.

Critical ReceptionEdit

In addition to being nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award, the play also won a Mind Media Award in 2011.



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