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Hot Rubber (Death on the Motorway) is a radio play by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio on 22 October 1992[1]

Recording available at British Library Audio Collection

Plot Set in the future.

ANNOUNCER: We present "Hot Rubber" or "Death on the Motorway" a play for radio by John Fletcher. The year 2025, the setting the twenty-lane relief sub-orbital motorway of the ten-lane relief sub-orbital motorway of the M25. Our heroine: Madge. She's rough, she's tough, she's behind the wheel.


additional cast:

  • Studio Managers: Andrew Lawrence (Panel), Pete Smith (Grams) and Christine Morton(Spot)
  • Music by ITN Productions
  • Directed in Bristol by Shaun MacLoughlin

Critical ReceptionEdit

Comments on Hot Rubber


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