Jim Nolan, Private Eye is a detective audio drama produced by Misfits Audio. It follows the 1970s exploits of real estate agent Jim Nolan, who takes over his family's private investigation firm in Boston when his father goes missing. The series was created by Mike Murphy and Arlene Osborne, and began in 2009.

Cast & CrewEdit


  1. The Case of the Careworn Candidate
  2. The Case of the Purloined Payroll
  3. The Case of the Day-Old Bread
  4. The Harriet Webster Murder Case
  5. The Brave Tailor
  6. The Head of the Class
  7. The Parker Stakeout
  8. The Counterfeit Collections
  9. A Killing in Real Estate
  10. Dead Air
  11. Father's Day Part 1
  12. Father's Day Part 2
  13. I Killed 'Em in Boston
  14. The Body in the Grass
  15. Ho, Ho, Homicide
  16. The Death of Anderson Buchwald
  17. The Kid
  18. The Situation
  19. The Six O'Clock Murder
  20. Fear Itself
  21. The Wise Man

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