Master Class by David Pownall
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Music arranged by John White; piano played by cast members.
Broadcast history
22 Jan 1986 19:30-21:00 (RADIO 3)
17 Oct 1986 19:30-21:00 (RADIO 3)
07 Oct 1990 14:30-16:00 (RADIO 4)
Recorded on 1985-09-09.
Adaptation for radio of his stage play
A new production on BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Play - 31.01.2009 was directed by Jessica Dromgoole


Stalin and Zhdanov invite Prokofiev and Shostakovich to the Kremlin for a music lesson


Radio 3 Production (22.01.1986)

Radio 4 Production (31.01.2009)

Critical ReactionsEdit


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