Mike Walker is one of the UK's leading radio dramatists and is also a feature and documentary writer and published author. He received his training in the theatre by working as a stage hand and scene painter at the Royal Court Theatre in London. His awards include the Drama Award (World Service) in 2001's Sony Radio Awards for his original play Alpha, the 1991 Sony Award for Best Original Script and most recently a Sony Silver Community Award for the drama, Oxford Road. As well as writing original plays, Mike has adapted numerous books for Radio 4, both contemporary and classic, including War and Peace, David Copperfield and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. He was part of the Westway writing team for several years and wrote the script for The Dark House - BBC Radio 4's first foray into interactive drama - which was broadcast in September 2003 and won a BAFTA interactive award. He has written several books, most recently Bad Company published by Anderson Press.


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