My Career Goes Bung by Annie Caulfield
BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour Drama

  • 10 x 15mins
  • Episode 1 - 18.09.2000
  • Episode 2 - 19.09.2000
  • Episode 3 - 20.09.2000
  • Episode 4 - 21.09.2000
  • Episode 5 - 22.09.2000
  • Episode 6 - 25.09.2000
  • Episode 7 - 26.09.2000
  • Episode 8 - 27.09.2000
  • Episode 9 - 28.09.2000
  • Episode 10 - 29.09.2000

10 part Adaptation of the Australian classic by Miles Franklin


  • 1: Possum Gulley, Southern Australia, 1902.Would-be adventuress Sybylla Melvyn leaves school and embarks on her career as an imitation autobiographer.
  • 2: Sybylla is astonished to find her fake autobiography has been published.
  • 3: Sybylla's book is a huge hit, and she is wooed by men from near and far.
  • 4: Sybylla's attempts to dissuade the newest would-be suitor fail dismally.
  • 5: On arriving in Sydney, the feted Sybylla is immediately exhibited to the urbane literati.
  • 6: Sybylla's first society dinner is not the success she assumed it would be.
  • 7: Astonishingly, Sybylla seems to have won the affections, or at least the attentions, of Sydney's leading carouser
  • 8: Everything goes wrong, as Sybylla is betrayed by her friend Gaddy, the noisome Big Ears threatens to commit suicide over love for her and news comes from home that all is not well there
  • 9: It is time to go back to the farm, but before Sybylla leaves, there are several loose ends that need tying.
  • 10: Sybylla is catapulted back to real life with a bang, her return home coinciding with a terrible dust storm. Nothing has changed since her departure a month ago, but she realises just how much she has changed when Henry Beauchamp arrives with a final marriage proposal.



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