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Oates After His Fingers is a radio play by Steve Walker. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 01 December 1991, as an installment of the Monday Play. The running time is 45 minutes[1].


Captain Oates is thawed out in the year 2065.


Directed by Peter Kavanagh

Critical ReceptionEdit

"This fantastic comedy about a promiscuous wife who thaws out -- in more ways than one -- a fingerless, toeless, spotless Captain Oates after 153-post Scott years in the Antarctic ice and thereby sets him on the road to the gallows, would have overtaxed the imaginative powers of most playwrights. Not, however, those of a writer who has already (in The Pope's Brother) created a Devil who planned to exchange his toasting fork for the pontiff's crook. Steve Walker has got radio fantasy down to a fine art. By the time he has finished with us, we are almost persuaded that it is the most natural thing in the world for a horse to crack puns such as "I can't get enough of Oates!"" - The Times[3]


  3. The Times 02 December 1991

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