Oddballs is a series of four radio plays by Don Haworth. They were first broadcast on BBC Radio in January 2001. The running time for each play is 30 minutes[1].

Emma Harper-Tussles in a VillageEdit

First broadcast 03 January 2001

An ex-headmistress writes a column in a local newspaper. She is poached by the nearby radio station, and her gossip programme causes nothing but trouble.

Bill Bosun - Speedily to SchoolEdit

First broadcast 10 January 2001

A bus driver who is too kindhearted for his own good.

Stan Rooker, Night ReceptionistEdit

First broadcast 17 January 2001

A particularly devious night receptionist.

Jack Acorn: Disputed InheritanceEdit

First broadcast 24 January 2001

Critical ReceptionEdit


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