Orphans in Waiting is a six-part radio serial by Wally K. Daly. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1990[1]. Each episode is 30 minutes in length.


A thriller. Mike, Pete, and Janey's parents disappear suddenly. And there are strange marks in the garden.


Directed by [[]]


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Summary
1 27 August 1990 "Friday" The parents of Mike, Pete and Janey disappear overnight - and there are mysterious marks in the garden.
2 03 September 1990 "Saturday AM" What is in their father's briefcase? And who or what is 'The Hyena'?
3 10 September 1990 "Saturday PM" The Jago children have visitors. But do Uncle Brian and Auntie Vi have their best interests at heart?
4 17 September 1990 "Saturday Midnight to Dawn" The Jago children escape, but are they still in danger?
5 24 September 1990 "Sunday AM" Danger awaits the Jago children in the war-torn land of their birth.
6 01 October 1990 "Sunday PM" The Jago children are in the midst of war, with the deadly Hyena on their trail.


Critical ReceptionEdit


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