Our mutual friend 1984

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
Dramatized by Betty Davies
Directed by Jane Morgan
Pianist: Mary Nash
BBC Radio 4 - Serial - 25.3.1984 to 27.5.1984
10 x 60mins episodes


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Summary
01 25 March 1984 "Cut Adrift" A dead body is retrieved from the Thames.
02 01 April 1984 "The Golden Dustman" The jury has found that Mr John Harmon's death came about in suspicious circumstances.
03 08 April 1984 "The Doll's Dressmaker" Gaffer Hexman is found dead with silver in his hand. In John Harman's absence the money goes to his father's foreman, Mr Boffin.
04 15 April 1984 "A Riddle Without an Answer" Silas Wegg tries to work out who owns the inheritance and the Lammles try to make some money by pairing off Fledgeby.
05 22 April 1984 "Some Affairs of the Heart" 'My life and fortunes are so contradictory. What can I expect myself to be?' weeps Bella.
06 29 April 1984 "A Flight and a Fall" Lizzie Hexam goes missing. She had received a retraction of claims against her father.
07 06 May 1984 "Meaning Mischief" A cash box is found and in it John Harmon's will, leaving the money not to Boffin, but the Crown.
08 13 May 1984 "Setting Traps" Distressed by Boffin's conduct, Bella returns to her parents' home and is finally reconciled with Harman.
09 20 May 1984 "A Cry for Help" Who delivers the cruel battering to Eugene Wrayburn?
10 27 May 1984 "The Trap Springs" Wrayburn is on his deathbed and Lizzie prepares to marry him. The wedding is held in the shadow of death.


Critical ReceptionEdit


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