Philomel Cottage by Agatha Christie
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Music by Nick Russell-Pavier
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
BBC Radio 4 - 14.01.2002

2nd of a series of six dramatizations of Agatha Christie short stories.


Updated and dramatised by Mike Walker.
Alex has an excellent track record in an e-commerce company. Richard, one of her colleagues, is interested in forming a closer relationship with her, but when Terry comes on the scene he doesn't stand a chance. Within a month, Alex and Terry have set up their own company (with Alex's capital) and are living in Philomel Cottage, a roses round the door place near the M4 corridor. But is Terry for real? Alex finds out that he is syphoning money from her account. And then there is the cottage, it certainly has a history, a history which involves unnatural death.


Critical ReactionsEdit


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