Posters of the Moulin Rouge
is a series of four radio plays by John Peacock, in which the lives of legendary French performers and personalities of the late 1800's are dramatized, based on the characters found in the posters of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. The plays were first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 beginning in December 1989. The running time for each play is aproximately 55 minutes[1].

A sequel series entitled Posters of Montmartre, also by John Peacock, was broadcast in 1991.

Part One - Yvette GuilbertEdit

The story of a singer's career at a new venue in Paris.


Part Two - The Boneless WonderEdit

Only a shadow on a poster, what is Valentin in real life?


Part Three - La GoulueEdit

How much longer can a greedy dancer stay on the stage?


Part Four - Jane AvrilEdit

The crazy dancer uses people, but reaps the consequences.


Critical ReceptionEdit


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