Psmith in the City by PG Wodehouse
Dramatized by Marcy Kahan
Produced by Abigail le Fleming
BBC Radio 4 - 4 Episodes of 30mins - 19.09.08 - 26.09.08 - 03.10.08 - 10.10.08
Series of the classic tales by P.G.Wodehouse.


Episode 1 - First Steps in a Business Career - Mike's future looks gloomy when he is forced to give up his dreams of university and work in a bank. But help is at hand.
Episode 2 - The Haunting of Mr Bickersdyke - The indomitable Psmith hatches a plan to take revenge on his
bullying manager.

Episode 3 - Stirring Times with Comrade Waller - Psmith and Mike discover the secret passion of the kindly Head of Cash.
Episode 4 - Psmith Arranges His Future - Psmith's powers of persuasion are put to the test when Mike is
dismissed from the bank.



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