Robert Ferguson is a British-born writer who lives in Norway. He has written a wide variety of work, including drama, novels, and nonfiction. Ferguson won a Giles Cooper Award in 1984 for Transfigured Night and again in 1987 for Dreams, Secrets, Beautiful Lies.

Born on 02 June 1948 in Staffordshire, Ferguson grew up in the UK. In 1966 he briefly attended Manchester University but left to pursue a series of odd jobs in the UK and also in France and Denmark. In the late 1970's, he enrolled at University College, London, specializing in Norwegian, and emigrated to Norway in 1983.

His first play for radio was Westmorland in 1981. He has written several original radio plays, as well as scripting adaptations of other works.

Transfigured Night was featured in Sight Unseen for its expressive, musical use of language and sound.

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