Sketches by Boz (Series 1) by Charles Dickens
Dramatized by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Sally Avens
BBC Radio 4 - 01.09.1998
5 Episodes x 30mins

Boz was the pen name Charles Dickens used for a series of humorous pieces he wrote for The Morning Chronicle.


Episode 1 - 01.09.1998 - The Tuggses At Ramsgate - It seems that money cannot buy you love in the first of five comic stories from the pen of Charles Dickens.

Episode 2 - 08.09.1998 - The Bloomsbury Christening - In the second of Charles Dickens's five comic tales, the arrival of a bouncing baby boy is good news indeed - unless you are the miserable Nicodemus Dumps.

Episode 3 - 15.09.1998 - The Great Winglebury Duel - Mr Alexander Trott finds it possible to become bethrothed in the most trying of circumstances.

Episode 4 - 22.09.1998 - The Private Theatricals Of Mrs Joseph Porter - The British love for amateur dramatics takes over a household with farcical results.

Episode 5 - 29.09.1998 - Mr Watkins Tottle - All Mr Tottle wants is to enter the blessed state of matrimony - but the course of true love never did run smooth.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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