Sketches by Boz (Series 2) by Charles Dickens
Dramatized by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Sally Avens
BBC Radio 4 - 05.07.1999
5 Episodes x 30mins

Boz was the pen name Charles Dickens used for a series of
humorous pieces he wrote for The Morning Chronicle.


Episode 1 - 05.07.1999 - Love And Oysters - Meeting an oyster seller sparks disruption for orderly John Dounce.

Episode 2 - 12.07.1999 - The Steam Excursion - Mr Percy Noakes was a friend to all until the organisation of a river trip proved his undoing.

Episode 3 - 19.07.1999 - Sentiment - The arrival of an MP's daughter at Miss Crumpton's finishing school seems a cause for celebration until a romantic attachment comes to light.

Episode 4 - 26.07.1999 - The Boarding House - Mrs Tibbs, the owner of a most respectable boarding house, until the arrival of a mysterious new lodger.

Episode 5 - 02.08.1999 - Horatio Sparkins - The socially ambitious Maldertons are delighted when their unmarried daughter receives the attentions of the romantic Mr Sparkins.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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