Stage Mother, Sequinned Daughter by Annie Caulfield
BBC Radio 4

Series of vignettes based on the life of 50s pop star Alma Cogan.


Episode 1 - 29.07.2002 - With strong parental support, Alma begins her singing career in bleak postwar Britain
Episode 2 - 30.07.2002 - Alma begins to make her mark on the British variety stage
Episode 3 - 31.07.2002 - Alma pursues fame in the United States, coping with the death of her father
Episode 4 - 01.08.2002 - Alma meets John Lennon and faces the challenge of the new music of the 60s
Episode 5 - 02.08.2002 - Alma faces the biggest challenge of her life as she battles with cancer



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