Street and Lane is a radio comedy series by Dave Sheasby and Ian McMillan. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2005, with a second series in 2007[1].


Comedy series about Johnny Street and Arthur Lane, a pair of Yorkshire builders.

Season OneEdit


Directed by David Hunter


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Summary
01 19 August 2005 "Patio Marital" Street and Lane take on a patio job at the home of warring couple, Christine and Tom Rose.
02 26 August 2005 "Blues on the Stairs" Johnny and Arthur are called to tackle the tricky task of a piano perilously perched on the Edwardian staircase of feisty music teacher Mrs Priam-Rhodes.
03 02 September 2005 "Singing Detectives" Johnny and Arthur are augmented by Tina, a glamorous young woman on work experience, as they seek out the origins of a nasty smell in a local school under the nose of caretaker and music-theatre aficionado Sidney Sanderson.
04 09 September 2005 "Hitting the Highs" Johnny and Arthur reach new professional heights curing the leak in the penthouse roof of an Australian businesswoman who is single-handedly regenerating South Yorkshire.

Season TwoEdit


Directed by David Hunter


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Summary
01 03 January 2007 "Ringing the Changes" A vicar needs help in his belfry, as the Yorkshire builders get in a flap over an old feud.
02 10 January 2007 "Fade to Black" Street and Lane come across a pair of faded film stars who are not what they first seem.
03 17 January 2007 "Estimates Day" When the Yorkshire builders price up fitting mirrors, they end up seeing double.
04 24 January 2007 "Going for Broke" Johnny and Arthur deal with a dodgy landlord, Wittgenstein and an imminent birth.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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