Successful Strategies by Pierre de Marivaux
Translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Hilary Norrish
BBC Radio 3 1992
A BBC World Service production


Period 1733
"Timberlake Wertenbaker's translation defies the old rule that you can't do Marivaux in English.
Marivaux here analyses the chessboard element of love in which caprice mixes with strategy. A rich rose-decked Comtesse, turning infidelity into a style, whimsically abandons her lover, Dorante. Instead she takes up with the posturing and absurd Chevalier. And, in order to get her revenge, the latter's abandoned lover, the Marquise, forms an amorous alliance with Dorante. What this leaves out of account, however, are the servants (shrewd maids and valets anything but green) who in Marivaux are both victims of their employers' passions and skillful tacticians in their own right." (The Guardian)




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