Tales From the Museum




Charles Russell


Elie Hirschman

Executive Producer

Eric Busby




Perry Whittle as Keith Nash

Amanda Fitzwater as Helene Mancuso

Alasdair Stewert as Casey

Captain John Tadzrack as Dr. Stein

David Ault as Argus

Tales From the Museum is an audio drama created by Darker Projects. The drama revolves around the haunted Johnson City regional museum, and the adventures of it's staff.

Episodes Edit

Season 1: Edit

  • The Cult of Serpents
  • The Curse of the Wolf
  • The Reaper Tapestry
  • Beneath the Foundation
  • Return of the Serpents
  • Day One
  • The Amulet and the Scroll

Season 2: Edit

  • The Screaming Woman
  • Haunting Peirpoint

Season 3: Edit

  • The Trouble with Jane
  • Bloody Haven
  • Beyond the Veil
  • FINALE - The Battle for the Museum

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