The Adventures of Robin Hood is a series of five plays by various authors, dramatizing the tale of the legendary outlaw. The series was broadcast on BBC Radio in 2001[1].


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Writer Summary Cast
1 24 September 2001 "Robin Hood's Story" Adam Thorpe How Hood became an outlaw and how his fascination with the Greenwood began.
2 25 September 2001 "Friar Tuck's Story" Philipa Gregory The renegade priest voices his outrage over the Crusades and Richard I's neglect of England.
3 26 September 2001 "The Sheriff's Story" Dylan Ritson The sheriff bemoans his lot - the good folk of Nottingham are determined to cast him as a villain.
4 27 September 2001 "The Prioress's Story" Wally K. Daly Greed overrides religious beliefs when the prioress sees the chance of acquiring Robin's lands.
5 28 September 2001 "Maid Marian's Story" Sara Maitland Marian tries to reconcile her memories of the man she knew with the legend he has become.

Critical ReceptionEdit



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