The Black Cat Murder Mystery: Nostrovia Fitzrovia by Marcy Kahan
Directed by Marion Nancarrow
BBC World Service - 03.05.2008
Part of the 2008 International Worldplay radio festival


The 2008 Worldplay season on the theme of mystery featured work from broadcasters in America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK.
BBC World Service's contribution to the season, The Black Cat Murder Mystery, was a comic murder mystery set in an a partment block in Fitzrovia: a cosmopolitan London neighbourhood a step away from the BBC's Broadcasting House.
There's a corpse in flat six; a mysterious hermit in flat 12; a cognitive neuroscientist looking for love in flat three;
a Russian businessman in flat 11; a Japanese bassoonist in flat eight; a seductive blonde in flat five; and an extremely unusual detective.



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