The Green Hill is a two-part radio play by John Fletcher. Part One, The Druid, was first broadcast on BBC Radio on 02 April 1994. The second part, The Detective, was broadcast on 04 April 1994[1]. They were installments of Saturday Night Theatre and the Monday Play respectively.

Recording available at British Library Audio Collection.

The DruidEdit

"John Fletcher drew his inspiration for tonight's play from the discovery in a Cheshire peat bog 10 years ago of the perfectly preserved body of a man. Archaeologists decided he'd been a Druid during the Roman occupation of Britain and that he'd been the apparently willing victim of a ritual sacrifice. "The Druid" reaches back to the time of Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni, and her bloody struggle against the Roman forces. In a powerful and imaginative drama, the circumstances of the druid's death are given a wholly unexpected twist." The Guardian.


Directed in Pebble Mill by Nigel Bryant.

The DetectiveEdit

Set in a decayed city of the far future, 2,000 years after the events of The Druid. The ruling class and the underclass have polarized and society has broken down. Each class keeps to its own territory. But a trail of blood and a murdered and mutilated child leads back from the slums to some of the highest in the land.

Recording available at British Library Audio Collection.


Directed in Pebble Mill by Nigel Bryant.

Critical ReceptionEdit


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