The Invention of Love by Tom Stoppard

  • Broadcast: Sunday 18th April 1999 @ 7:30 p.m.


Take a mysterious voyage into the underworld that is also a moving and funny trip through a great man's life. In "The Invention of Love", Oscar-winner Tom Stoppard explores the life of classical scholar and renowned poet A. E. Housman. Old and infirm, Housman dreams that he is dead. As Charon, the mythical boatman, ferries him across the River Styx, Housman returns to the Oxford of his youth where he fell in love with scholarship and with his fellow student, Moses Jackson. Stoppard's dream world includes Victorian London, where Parliament made homosexuality a crime, and the French seashore, where Oscar Wilde - convicted of that very crime - is living out his final days. This complex and rewarding play weaves ideas, wit, and passion.

A radio presentation of the Royal National Theatre production of Stoppard's 1997 play directed by Richard Eyre


Critical ReceptionEdit


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