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The Ladies' Paradise (Au Bonheur des Dames) by Emile Zola
Dramatized by Stephen Wyatt
Directed by Hilary Norrish & Rosemary Watts
Music by Matthew Scott
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial - 22.03.1998 - 29.03.1998
2 x 60mins episodes


Episode 1 - 22.03.1998 - Denise Baudu comes to Paris to look for work in her uncle's shop.
When he cannot afford to take her on, she is drawn inexorably towards the competition - `The Ladies' Paradise', owned by the charismatic Octave Mouret.

Episode 2 - 29.03.1998 - Denise has been unjustly dismissed from `The Ladies Paradise', but she still lives within its shadow and feels its influence.


Critical ReceptionEdit


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