Cerne abbas

Aerial view of the Cerne Abbas giant

The Lyme Regis Food And Fertility Festival by John Fletcher
Music by Peter Howell
Special effects by Dick Mills and the Radiophonic Workshop
Technical presentation by Andrew Lawrence,
John Devine, and Beckie Ponting
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Radio 3 August 23, 1992

Recording available at British Library Audio Collection and at Radio Archive:


Light hearted dystopia in which appreciation
of flakey 'art' is mandatory and sex is banned
until, under the influence of the Pink Fairy,
Londoners start sporting on the downs and
the Cerne Abbas giant comes to life.

The play also features radical eating stances. While being sucked down into the huge green vortex of the Great Worm of Lyme Ragis - the legendary whirlpool that lurks only a few miles offshore - the two heroes nibble on miniature yellow courgettes. One has to eat a crumbly piece of pizza while shaking hands with Death.

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