Old curiosity shop

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
Dramatized by Mike Walker
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour Drama - 23.12.2002
25 x 15mins episodes
Award - Best Drama Production for 2003.

Charles Dickens' fourth novel tells the story of Little Nell, her grandfather and their flight from the evil money-lender Quilp.


Episode 01 - 23.12.2002 - Deep in debt, Little Nell and her grandfather must flea the evil money-lender Quilp.
Episode 02 - 24.12.2002 - Evil money-lender Quilp discovers why Little Nell's grandfather is so badly in debt.
Episode 03 - 25.12.2002 - With no more loans, Little Nell's grandfather is agitated. But who betrayed him?
Episode 04 - 26.12.2002 - With Kit banished from the shop, he must set about finding other employment.
Episode 05 - 27.12.2002 - Little Nell is faced with the most important decision of her life.
Episode 06 - 30.12.2002 - Avoiding Quilp, Little Nell and her Grandfather leave the shop and flee.
Episode 07 - 31.12.2002 - Kit arrives back in London, wondering where Little Nell and Grandfather have gone.
Episode 08 - 01.01.2003 - The unscrupulous Quilp will use anyone to help him find Little Nell and her grandfather.
Episode 09 - 02.01.2003 - A weary Little Nell and her Grandfather find some welcome help on their travels.
Episode 10 - 03.01.2003 - Little Nell and her grandfather meet Mrs Jarley, who thinks she can use a girl who can read and write.
Episode 11 - 06.01.2003 - Driven to find shelter in a storm, Little Nell's grandfather returns to gambling.
Episode 12 - 07.01.2003 - Lawyer Sampson Brass and his dragonish sister Sally are presented with a clerk.
Episode 13 - 08.01.2003 - Dick Swiveller gets to know a mysterious gentleman and eavesdrops on a conversation.
Episode 14 - 09.01.2003 - Little Nell becomes confused as she tries to stop her grandfather's gambling.
Episode 15 - 10.01.2003 - The hunt continues to track down Little Nell and her grandfather.
Episode 16 - 13.01.2003 - Mrs Nubbins and the mysterious gentleman try to find Nell and her grandfather.
Episode 17 - 14.01.2003 - Nell and her grandfather arrive at a huge industrial city, where a kind soul takes pity on them.
Episode 18 - 15.01.2003 - The evil money-lender Quilp is furious and wants Mrs Nubbins out of the way.
Episode 19 - 16.01.2003 - As Little Nell recuperates, the kindly schoolmaster teaches her a lesson for life.
Episode 20 - 17.01.2003 - With the help of Samson Brass, Quilp plots to get Kit Nubbins out of the way.
Episode 21 - 20.01.2003 - Is Kit Nubbins a thief or a victim of evil Quilp's plotting?
Episode 22 - 21.01.2003 - It's the day of Kit Nubbins' trial and there's bad news for Dick.
Episode 23 - 22.01.2003 - Dick suffers with his fever and Sally Brass is confronted.
Episode 24 - 23.01.2003 - The Single Gentleman and Mr Garland visit Kit in prison, and they have some good news.
Episode 25 - 24.01.2003 - Kit and the Single Gentleman finally track Nell and Grandfather down, and Quilp goes on a journey.


Critical ReceptionEdit

Best Drama Production Award for 2003.


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