The Pilgrim's Progress is a three-part radio play by Brian Sibley, adapted from John Bunyan's Christian allegory. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004. The running time of each installment is 60 minutes.


A pilgrim discovers the meaning of faith on a journey toward the Celestial City.


Episode Title Broadcast Date Summary
Part 1 "Escape from the City of Destruction" January 4, 2004
Part 2 "The Journey to Vanity Fair" January 11, 2004
Part 3 "The Road to the Celestial City" January 18, 2004


Critical ReceptionEdit

"Brian Sibley's adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress, the new Classic Serial (Sun, repeated Sat) is very good, the acting is first-rate, and Pam Fraser Solomon's production the best she has ever done."[1]


  1. Gillian Reynolds' review in The Telegraph

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