The Primrose Path by Georges Feydeau
Adapted by Peter Barnes from "Le Bourgeon"
Translated by Kate Horn
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Music by Jonathon Gibbs of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
BBC Radio 3 09.04.1984
Length 02:03:19


A French Farce first performed in 1906.
The setting is the home of an aristocratic family, 19 year old Maurice, the son of the family, is destined for the priesthood and in his mother's eyes a saint. But the conflict between his over religiousity and the temptations of the flesh are causing him to have recurring attacks of the "vapours"
Though critics at the time dismissed Feydeau's works as light entertainment, he is now recognized as one of the great French playwrights of his era. His plays are seen today as precursors to Surrealist and Dada theatre, and the Theatre of the Absurd.
They have been continuously revived and are still performed today.

The CastEdit

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