The Sea by Edward Bond
Directed by Sue Wilson
BBC Radio 3 - 30/01/2000
Length 2hrs The first theatrical production was in 1973


Using biting wit and riotously funny characterisations, Bond uses acute social observation to touch on the themes of class and leadership - even when the nature of the leadership is to draw others on to madness.
Hatch is a draper in a small East-Anglian seaside town. He depends on selling to the lady of the manor, Mrs Rafi. However, it seems that every expensive consignment she orders is returned - which is costing him money. A lot of money. He is also going slightly mad and believes that people from outer space are invading the earth. Following a tempestuous storm one night, when a well-loved villager is killed and a stranger is washed ashore, he manages to persuade other villagers that the stranger is more than he seems. In fact that he is the first wave of alien invaders, and that shipwrecks are a cover for the invading force.


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