The Sicilian Expedition is a radio play by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 04 December 2005[1]. - 90mins


`The Sicilian Expedition` is based on real events during the Peloponnesian War. Almost 2500 years ago, a confident young general persuaded Athens to launch an attack on Sicily. Alcibiades was a member of the Athenian baby boomer generation, whose elders had fought to give their children a society of justice, wealth and education. The baby boomers explored every sexual avenue, took drugs to excess, and became the greatest consumers of the most exotic products in human history. Then it all went wrong. In the words of the author: "Athens. The most extraordinary, the most beautiful, the most terrifying civilization of all time. The template we all live out. Effortlessly its drama, its art, its science and philosophy bestrode the world. But despite its superb democracy, all-powerful economy and a "shock-and-awe" military the envy of the world -- out of a clear blue sky came sudden, terrifying and total collapse. The Athenians had their very own Iraq War... The Sicilian Expedition."


Critical ReceptionEdit

Critic Gillian Reynolds considered it the best original radio play of 2005 on Radio 3.


  1. Diversity Website

John Fletcher's essay/intro on the play can be found at:

Recording available at:


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