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The Uncanny X-Men is a fan-produced online audio drama from Circus 13 Productions. It includes a 2-part mini-series based on the Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men "Days of Future Past" storyline and a regular series based on the 1990s X-Men comic series, all written by Chris Claremont.



  • "Days of Future Past" mini-series:
  1. Days of Future Past part 1 (based on Uncanny X-Men #141)
  2. Days of Future Past part 2 (based on Uncanny X-Men #142)
  • Regular series:
  1. Rubicon (based on X-Men #1)
  2. Firestorm (based on X-Men #2)
  3. Fallout (based on X-Men #3)
  4. The Resurrection of the Flesh (based on X-Men #4)

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Circus 13 X-Men page

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