Wings of the Dove
The Wings Of The Dove
by Henry James
Dramatized by Linda Marshall Griffiths
Directed by Nadia Molinari.
BBC Radio 4 2010 Classic Serial
3 x 60mins episodes
Episode 1 - 01.08.2010
Episode 2 - 08.08.2010
Episode 3 - 15.08.2010


Henry James' 1902 novel dramatized in 3 parts
Episode 1 01/08/2010
Kate and Merton need money. Milly needs love. How far will they go to get what they want?
Kate Croy is in love with Merton Densher; a poor writer. Her rich aunt Maud disapproves.
Maud has offered Kate a wealthy existence but if Kate chooses to marry Merton she risks
losing it all. When American Heiress Milly Theale steps into her London society, Kate sees
a way out.
Episode 2 08/08/2010
Milly confides in Kate that she believes herself to be gravely ill and Kate begins to see a way
for her and Merton to have a future. When Merton returns to London, Kate sets out to bring her
lover and her friend together. With Kate's assurances that there is nothing between them, Milly
allows herself to hope that Merton may be the one great passion in her short life.
Episode 3 15/08/2010
Milly, now gravely ill, is staying in Venice. Kate's plan to bring Merton and Milly together is
gaining pace. But Merton begins to realise that his own feelings for Milly are much deeper than he
knew. Lord Mark's arrival threatens everything and Merton and Kate aren't prepared for the consequences.
Will Milly change their lives irrevocably?

The Cast:Edit

  • Eugenio/Lord Strett..............Sam Dale

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