Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

Dramatized by Judy Allen

Directed by John Taylor

BBC Radio 4 - August/ September 1997

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 - A boy's stay with his relatives turns from tedium to adventure - when the clock strikes 13.

Episode 2 - Tom and Hatty become friends in the night-time world, but there's trouble ahead.

Episode 3 - Hatty reveals the secret of the clock to Tom - but what does it mean?

Episode 4 - Tom makes a remarkable discovery in the tower of Ely Cathedral and meets the mysterious Mrs Bartholomew.

Cast Edit

  • Tom - Peter England
  • Mrs Bartholomew - Rachel Kempson
  • Aunt Gwen - Una Stubbs
  • Uncle Alan - Crawford Logan
  • Older Hatty - Deborah Berlin
  • Young Hatty - Sarah Morton
  • Abel - Calum Macpherson
  • Aunt Grace - Judy Parkin
  • James - Tim Godwin
  • Verger - David Holt
  • Barty - Simon J. Williamson
  • Baby Hatty - Rubyisla Ceremarle
  • Peter - George Miller
  • Edgar - Robert Thomas
  • Hubert - Oliver Grig

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